Here at Reina Medina we pride ourselves in providing the tools in bringing the Royalty out in everyone. We have created luxurious 24kt Gold lipscrubs, bodyscrubs, lipgloss and Men's bodyscrubs that are a must have. Each flavor comes in a different color, style and taste to fit any mood a King or Queen is in. We also have a Featured Collection Item that is only made for a Royalty. It is our custom engraved wooden giftbox with all six flavor lipscrubs. Explore, Enjoy, Indulge!

  • limited edition

    Limited Edition

    Limited Quantities of our Halloween Coffee Scrub. Now with soft new formula!

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  • six lipscrubs

    Luxury 24kt Gold Lipscrubs

    Six available flavors to suit any of your needs, wants and desires.

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  • Bodyscrubs

    Luxury Bodyscrubs

    The scents and texture of our Bodyscrubs will leave your skin moisturized and soft to the touch.

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  • Bundle set homepage image

    Luxury Bundle Sets

    You can not have one without the other. You need to have a full body experience of luxury with our scrubs.

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  • Lipgloss Collection

    Smooth LipGloss

    Top off your lip experience with our smoothest nourishing lipglosses.

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  • Men's Bodyscrub Collection

    Men's Bodyscrub

    Our Kings need pampering too. Give them the gift of luxury with our unisex scented enriching scrubs.

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  • Custom Engraved Giftbox

    Engraved Custom Keepsake

    This keepsake box is engraved inside with our logo and the outside of the box can be engraved with any name of your choosing. It comes with all six lipscrubs.

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